Call for Students

Large napkins transform in spaces, models and sketches, prepared for sumptuous architectural lunches invading the school of Architecture and Society.


During 2015 Salone del Mobile, students from the Politecnico di Milano are invited to a design contest.
Every student(s) will receive a 55×55 white cotton napkin (white panama, gr. 245/mq, unfolded and with plain hems) used to create, print, draw, fold, cut, generate a space, together with a square support, which has to be returned at the end of the event, with no damage!
Techniques are free, as 4D, 3D or 2D approaches to the project.


The results will be shown in iconic spaces of the School of Architecture and Society. Coordinated by the organization, each student (or group of students) will be responsible for the maquette set-up.


• Napkins and support pick up: 20/3, 23/3, 25/3 Aula Catering (Delta), via Ampere 2
• Questions & answers email to: before 27/03
• School set-up: 13/04
• Exhibition: 13/04 – 18/04
• Cocktail: 16/04 (from 18:00 till 21:00)
• Support restituition and deposit return: 20/4


• Physical models mounted on standard square supports, including names of the authors and title.
• Three A4 photos (*.jpg 300dpi), sent to and named as follow:

2015salonepolimi_NAME_SURNAME_01.jpg (zenital view)
2015salonepolimi_NAME_SURNAME_02.jpg (free view)
2015salonepolimi_NAME_SURNAME_03.jpg (free view)


10€ + 10€ per person or group, paid cash to the material delivery. 10 € will be repaid at the support’s restitution!

• mail:
• facebook: